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Mickey Mousecapades (NES)

Itís a game with Mickey Mouse in it. One might think that would be the main point of the game, and from that would generate enough sales to warrant its production, without any need for any actual gameplay, since most of the people who would buy it would get it because it had Mickey Mouse, and not because of how it actually played. That might be what one would think, and while that probably is one of the significant factors, there really is a pretty decent game in here.

The game starts off with you controlling Mickey, and Minnie tagging along behind you. You arenít given any specific story or goal, but, as thereís a door in front of you with the word ďKeyĒ and an arrow pointing towards it, and you canít go through it, one would quickly figure out your first goal probably has something to do with finding a key for that door. Hey, itís a start. At the very beginning youíll have no way to attack enemies, so, for a moment youíll just have to avoid them as you make your way along. Shortly thereafter youíll come across a star hidden in a treasure chest, which will now allow you to shoot stars that defeat the enemies, which makes things much easier. As you move, you control Mickey, and Minnie follows along behind you. Minnie doesnít actually do anything, other than serve as a bit of an annoyance. Since your controls affect both Mickey and Minnie, and Minnie is behind you, youíll have more than a few instances where youíll start to climb a ladder and Minnie wonít have been in the right place to follow you, and so sheís left on the floor below and youíll have to go back down and try again. You canít progress to the next screen without Minnie close behind you, so, youíll have to keep her along. There is an enemy youíll come across who will steal Minnie away, hiding her in a room, which actually makes things easier for a bit, but since you need her before you can exit one level and proceed to the next, youíll have to find her eventually.

In any event, you as Mickey, with Minnie tagging along behind or stuck in a room somewhere, start to make your way through the house that you find yourself in. Youíll be attacked by a variety of enemies, who you can fend off with your shooting stars. Youíll also find a number of candle holders which you can shoot with your stars, which will then disappear and sometimes leave behind cake or something to give you health. Also hidden in the rooms will be random spots, with no particular indication to them, that if you shoot them will also yield hidden bonuses. As you make your way through the house, youíll pass through a number of rooms in a maze-like manner, and eventually come across a boss guarding a treasure chest. After defeating it, youíll find the chest, which contains the key to the door you saw at the beginning. Heading back there, and finding Minnie if you lost her, you can then pass through the door and make your way to the next level. The levels are fairly well-designed and with good variety to them, not just flat walls but wood paneling and windows and sky with clouds and such, and there are a number of interesting enemies youíll come across as well. The music isnít anything too special, but itís decent enough.

There are five levels in all, and they all play basically similar to that. Find stuff, avoid or kill enemies, and make your way through the levels, while not letting Minnie get too lost. Some levels focus more on maze aspects, while others just on more normal platforming aspects, jumping and shooting. Itís not a very deep game, you can easily beat it in around an hour. While you can die if you get hit too much, thereís usually enough hidden health around for that to not really be all that much of an issue. Itís not that itís too easy, just that itís not that much of a challenge. Still though, itís a pretty fun game, and there are actually quite a number of little hidden things around, so, even once you beat it, there still might have missed a few things here and there.

The main problem with the game would be Minnie. It just really seems like sheís tacked in there, as if they really had no use for her but were under directions to include her in the action or something. She doesnít really serve any purpose, and gets in the way more than anything else. A better option would seem to be to have a two-player mode where the second player could control Minnie, and not to include her otherwise. Or, at least to have her shoot or give health or do anything useful at all. As it is, youíll just spend your time making sure she goes where sheís supposed to, and when she gets captured, finding her again.

While the gameís not too long or challenging, itís still fun to wander around, shoot stuff and see if you missed anything, or just play around. There isnít really much new or challenging to do once you beat the game. You get points for killing enemies, so, if you want you can try to get a higher score, or see how far you can go without dying, or whatever. Thatís about it though, basically itís just the same game every time through. Nonetheless though, it still is pretty fun to just sit down and play through the game, no matter how many times youíve beat it.

If youíre just looking for an interesting game starring Mickey, as well as Minnie and a number of other characters from the world of Disney, it has that of course. While there were a number of areas it couldíve improved in, it still ends up being fun. Itís not exactly a complex game by any means, nor is it full of deep gameplay, but still, it has enough interesting stuff to do, and a decent enough core to it, that even if one isnít all that interested in watching Mickey and Minnie run around, itís still a fairly good game in its own right.

Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics/Sound: 6/10
Length/Replay: 5/10
Overall: 6/10