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Tetris (NES)

Thereís just something so relaxing yet addictive about Tetris that itís hard to put down into words. Itís a mesmerizing game that just takes hold of your mind.

Gameplay: 10/10
Really, when you stop and think about it, all it is, is blocks continuously falling from above, with you arranging them before they fall to the bottom, trying to form lines. Certainly doesnít sound like anything special. Really, thereís no logical explanation for why this game is as addictive as it is. For many people, in fact, it really is just that, nothing special. If it grabs hold of you though, it may never let go.
As far as actual gameplay though, what you see is what you get. You play for 2 minutes, and thatís what you have after 2 hours. Itís just blocks falling down. Thereís 7 different shapes of blocks, they move down the screen, and when it comes in contact with another piece or the ground, it stops, if it forms a line or lines they clear out of the way, and the next piece starts falling.
Thereís two different modes of play, one where youíre just starting with a blank screen and trying to get as many lines as you can without the pile reaching the top. The other mode starts you with some junk pieces scattered across the screen, and youíre trying to clear 25 lines without the blocks reaching the top.

Story: 0/10
Well, there really isnít any story presented to you in Tetris. Some people have said that the falling Tetris pieces are supposed to represent broken pieces of the former USSR, and that youíre trying to reassemble them into a whole again. Oh no!
In any event, if that story works for you, great. If it doesnít, make up your own. If you donít need a story, then donít worry about it. There isn't any actual story presented in the game itself. It's just falling blocks, who needs to know why they're falling or why you feel compelled to arrange them into lines?

Graphics: 7/10
Well, what are you expecting? Itís a bunch of falling blocks. They look like blocks. Seriously though, the borders around the edge of the game field look very nice, the occasional animations and pictures they have are fun as well, and the menus are clear. Nothing flashy, nothing out of the ordinary, but everythingís there thatís necessary.

Sound: 10/10
Thereís 3 different sound settings to choose from in the game, pick the one that suits your taste, personally I like type A best. Assuming one of them appeals to you though, after hours of playing, it really starts to work its way into your mind, youíll be walking along and humming it without even realizing. You can also turn the music off if you want, leaving just the sound of falling Tetris pieces.

Replay: 10/10
Well, if the game doesnít appeal to you, you may get bored of it within 2 minutes, not see any point to it, and never touch it again. Thatís always possible. If it does appeal to you, however, itís going to be an addiction.

Overall: 10/10
I suppose the best way to describe Tetris really is an addiction. Youíll be sitting there eating lunch one day, not thinking about Tetris at all, just staring ahead looking at some shelves or a wall or whatever, when, all of a sudden, everything youíre looking at will start looking like Tetris pieces. Youíll imagine them falling. In your mind, youíll be picturing the best way to move the pieces, rotate them, align them, and form them into lines. Youíll close your eyes and see Tetris pieces forming out of nowhere in the dark. Youíll start hearing the Tetris music playing in the background. Youíll break into a cold sweat... ok, maybe you wonít be quite that bad, but you get the idea.
Years ago, when I was sick and would have to stay home from school, I would literally just sit down in the morning, start playing Tetris, and not a single other thought would enter my mind until people came home again.
I currently own 6 different versions of games with ďTetrisĒ in the title over 4 different systems, although at times Iíve owned as many as 8 different versions on 6 systems (some got lost over time). While some of them have put interesting spins on the original concept, and while some have tried to stay as close to the original as they could, still, nothing beats sitting down with the NES controller in your hands, Tetris on the screen, and the rest of the day in front of you.