Earlier today I was talking to a sorceror friend of mine, who is a few levels below me (probably around 20 or so. not sure exactly) as we were wandering around in Dandy. About that time, the enchant on my sword ran out, and I was just fooling around anyways down there. She was doing about 5-10 times the damage with her sorcery spells that i was doing with my avenger, even with ultimate 1-handed and riding, mounted on something <g>. So, we sat down and had a quick chat about that, and she laughed at my weakness, as did I because it it somewhat pathetic being this level and doing a net damage of around 20 down there <g>.
Well, at least in my opinion something should be fooled around with about that, but thats just me (by the way, ive been told to learn warcraft and called shot to increase my damage. one cost 7 BPs the other costs 14. i learned warcraft twice even at that cost, and saw maybe a change of about 5 damage <g>)
Not to mention the huge imbalance the room spell does (and while it is IC, like they need to be any more powerful? <g>). Not saying they all do this, but it also could be the reason there are so many high-level legends, and legends, who are sorcerors. Another friend of mine made about 25% EXP in about 20 minutes just scrolling in wasps in the cairn crag and killing them with a room spell, meanwhile not even taking a point of damage (another advantage for them. they dont have to advance to attack <g>).
I guess its someones choice if they want to sit around scrolling stuff for half an hour in a place with no interaction with people, but nonetheless, it is rather rediculous <g>.

Myself, I would like to see something of a room-attack input for fighter-types (and not like the multiple attacks where if you kill something with one hit, you might kill one more thing with the multiple <g>), something to the effect of twirling a sword at all the creatures in the room, hitting for whatever damage, etc. Sounds good to me anyways <g>.