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February 2006

This part of the website is basically just a straight carry-over of the pages I had on my old AOL webspace back around 1999 or whenever it was exactly. At the time, I wasn't particularly good with HTML, so, that's nothing too fancy here. Not sure if I'll go through and clean up the grammar/spelling and all that other stuff, think it might be best to leave that as it is. A reminder of how everything was then.

I don't know if eventually I'll continue work on anything here, but, for the time being, I figured I'd at least bring over what I had there, to display it on a better website. If anyone does check in here and has some thoughts, please let me know. Same email as always, still

For anyone visiting this who doesn't know what Terris is, please check it out at

Thanks for stopping by.
~Terriswizard (still playing Terris, now just using the name "TW")

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Eric Shotwell

Note: At one point there was actually a guestbook here. I'll probably put one back eventually if I can find a good one.
Until then, please email me. I like email.

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