BBS message: 186
From : Panther
Date : 12-17 5:15:59
Subject: Bank

Somehow it seems to me that the bank has such a scam going. They actually
CHARGE me to deposit money and then pay 0 interest on what's left??? Hope
they have some arrow-proof glass installed soon for their sake....

BBS message: 187
From : Deori, The One
Date : 12-17 10:26:45
Subject: Banks

Arrow proof glass and magic wards to boot. Without
the bank you will find that 50% of your carried gold
is lost when you die. In view of the fact that the
bank takes only a modest cut I think the charge is
acceptable. Intrest can not be issued as the bank
badly invests in the chocolate teapot market.

Deori the one

>> such were the good old days :) <<