BBS message: 169
From : Oltravar, The Dark Philosopher
Date : 12-15 3:54:18
Subject: Combat

I have found in combat with multiple assailants, the scroll from all
attempting combatants causes a very fast and exhausting scroll, which
is very difficult to follow.

Under these circumstances, it is easy to ignore devastating blows
amidst a tirade of misses, and thus lose track of the battle.

An option to eliminate missed strokes and concentrate on the more
important points of battle would greatly aid characters I am sure.

Of course I realise battle can become a bloody frenzy, but in realism,
everyone physically would realise they were approaching their limit of
endurance, and give themselves the chance to escape.

My aging eyes have great difficulty judging this at the moment, with
the speed of the text.

Any chance of such an option? Any other ideas on this anyone?

Thank You for listening.

>> In short, can we have a concentrate mode please :) <<