BBS message: 191
From : Konan
Date : 12-17 21:57:33
Subject: another wild idea

Here's a thought. We all know that death in the land happens often,
but here's a way to take some of th sting out of it.
Why not have an area in a temple where players can donate gold. By
doing this, they could acquire favors from the gods.
Throughout their adventures, they could use their favors to, say,
be healed by the gods, regain lost spell points, and be resurrected.
Needless to say, the amount of favors should be determined by the
type of service the g
It's true that gods can do all this when they're online, but it would
add more realism, so the gods can intervene in mortal's lives, whether
they were online or not.

What do you people think?

>> This was adapted and became the favor in practice at the moment :) <<