BBS message: 172
From : Doug, The Coder
Date : 12-15 5:33:48
Subject: New Update

Features in the new update (on now)
Everyone in the same adventuring group (via the FOLLOW command)
will share all EXP gained. Higher level chars get more then lower
level chars.

Non grouped chars that are guarding will share ex as well but 50/50.
Creatures can now have a chance of spotting hidden or invisible players.
Lair creatures can now have friends...

The ADVANCE (AD) command will now ignore friendlies if no paramter
is given (AD will not advance on a town guard but will go to the orc
for example). AD with no unfriendlies will not advance at all.
You can still advance on friendlies by issuing an AD
Area of effect spells now don't affect friendlies. The TARGET command
for damage spells now will ignore friendlies as well just like the AD command.

>> Just re read this lot and try to imagine what it was like back then <<