BBS message: 292
From : The wrath of Khan
Date : 1-18 18:19:35
Subject: The Wizards Guild ...

Hail, Byron!

I agree totally with what you earlier said about it's needful for us mortals
to take on a greater responsibility within Terris, as regards offering to
bring back fellow sufferers from the dead. This should, in due course, let
the Gods concentrate more upon the business at hand, such as the giving of
tasks to various mortals. I for one, relish such tasks, even though they may
take me a long while to do, they do give my life a certain zest ...

In regards to that, I will mention that I have retrieved the item that Vagma
required of me due to my disrespectful nature (heven't you ever heard of
Signed: Khan. May the Wizards guild continue to grow and prosper!

>> Khan and Byron ran that guild like clockwork :) <<