BBS message: 90
From : Byron, The Wizard of ID
Date : 11-27 20:42:12
Subject: Killing Innocents

I once made the offer to help anyone in need of it. This offer still holds.
I am however very unhappy with people hunting and killing innocent city
dwellers. I will be tempted to think twice about extending help to those who
take part in such activity. This is a minor threat considering what the god
Alvogyl has already said, but let it be clear, I will protect good to the
best of my ability. Acting otherwise will not endear anyone to me. I hope
others feel likewise.

Byron, Paladin and Wizard of ID

<< Most people came from Killer MUDs, so the townsfolk were always slaughtered first, thankfully this changed after a while, once people understood we wanted a great world and not just a flash combat game >>