BBS message: 67 <-- Thats the 67th message we ever had
From : Byron, The Wizard of ID <-- Byron was the first powerful mage we ever had
Date : 11-22 15:41:41 <--- thats 1995
Subject: Ressurection

As of right now I am able to ressurect and hope for this to remain the state
of affairs at least until the reset. If anyone dies while I am on, please get
a hold of me. It may take me a little while but I will do my best to come help
One thing to remember is that it would pay if you carry a recall ring to use
once you are ressurected in order that you can save yourself once you are alive
I will always be happy to do my best to help.

<<The first ever rezzer, Byron didnt follow us to AOL, but he made his mark :)>>