BBS message: 275
From : The wrath of Khan
Date : 1-15 22:35:37
Subject: Realm of Rebirth

Well, it seems that magic is reaching a premium in the Land at the moment,
what with the services costing so much now, and the devaluation of the
aquamarine gem. But to top it all, I had occasion to die (Yes, I DO type
it occasionally!) and found that the Master Healer in the Realm of Rebirth
had SOLD OUT of potions of life. All he had were the empty bottles, which
some people seem keen to leave behind there (Litter bugs!). Too say I was
put out would be putting it mildly! Thankfully, being a wizard, I had other
ways in which to recoup my strength. But this is a note to warn those of
you who don't have access to general healing, but have to buy it. So, BE

And as for Kiar being a Pest to everyone, I'm afraid I win the vote hands down!
If you don't believe me, ask Vagma!

>> Khan was very good about his prefix (given by me) he wore it like a trooper , after this we made shops unlimited in the amount of stuff they sold :) <<