BBS message: 200
From : Konan
Date : 12-18 15:44:0
Subject: spells and their damage

Today I tried out my gigawatt death spell on the snake in the keep
and was a little surprised. The first time I cast it, while invisible, it
did only 24 damage. The second time, it did 72 damage.
I should mention that I've learned that spell to the ultimate skill level and
my spell craft skill was at proficient. This particular spell costs
18 spell points.
I know there probably is a random element in determining how much
damage a spel does,but I'd think that when a mage has mastered that
spell to the highest skill level,

the chances of doing the spell's maximum damage are very high indeed.
Can anyone enlighten me as to how spell damage is computed? 24 damage
to cast a spell which
costs 18 spell points at the ultimate skill level seems a little off.

>> And you though moaning about damage was a new thing :) <<