BBS message: 161
From : Oltravar, The Dark Philosopher
Date : 12-11 14:27:20
Subject: Tranos

The Warlocks Guild, founded within the great walls of Tranos, the
northern City,is willing to consider aid to those who wish to
petition the Guild for membership.

Our numbers are few, and the feats to prove yourselves worthy not easy.
Those of suitable attributes, and strength of both character and Will,
are guaranteed my personal aid to reach our combined enlightenment.

I await the call of those eager among you to take up your mantle and
enter the darkest Realms.

Oltravar, The Dark Philosopher

>> Old Oltravar was an awesome player, it was this sort of stuff that made him the perfect choice to play Vagma when we moved to AOL, this BTW also marked the opening of Tranos for the first time :) <<