BBS message: 272
From : Eridanian, God of Magic
Date : 1-15 21:4:21
Subject: Quest for the source of magic

People of Terris you owe a great debt to three of your number.
Anlin, Grace and Khan all rose to the challenge when the land was
in its greatest need. An imbalance in the realm of magic, created by
the recent battle between Alvogyl and Vagma caused the formation of
a massive vortex of wild magic, which threatened to destroy Terris. These
three brave souls undertook, guided by Kyria, Goddess of Fate, the search
for the source of magic. After much adventure they succeeded, for the result
of their quest was my arrival in the land. My domain is Magic and all that
happens with magic or within that realm is under my influence. The vortex was
absorbed back into my realm and the damage inflicted on the land undone.
Well done to all three of you and my Greetings and blessing to all inhabitants
of the land.

>> He was always running stuff like that :) <<