Another thing about Terris, is there seems to be another decrease in roleplaying (there was an increase in it right after the charges started. wonder why <g>). For a while it seemed people were striving for roleplay more, but im starting to see more and more of the lair campers and scrollers and people who just come on to level, make legend, and they're people you've never heard of.
Which brings up another thing. What exactly does "Legend" mean? From how it sounds, it would be someone who has made a mark in Terris, and is well-know by all (ergo, the IC reason for seeing legends names on shouts. The fact that people recognize their voices <g>). More and more now, there seems to be many legends that alot of people have never heard of (as well as many people who will never reach level 35, but their "legend" is know by all.
Possibly another requirement in making legend besides just levels would be nice (or possibly not even the levels, or at least not so dependant on them <g>).
Just a thought anyways. Couldnt hurt <g>