"Mommy! Mommy! When can I go run around the temple to play?" asked Sliper (at the age of 2). "The elves will soon be finished rebuilding. Here, on there next trip for materials, they'll bring you along." Takara said. Suddenly a group of Dark Elves came and took Sliper to the forest, for now they needed some wood. When it was time to leave they picked up Sliper and went back to the Dark Elf Temple. However, Takara did know these Dark Elves neglected others, and in fact, Sliper was dropped in Dandyloses Despair. Takara never even noticed he was gone. For years Sliper traveled around Dandy, picking up items. At the age of 10 he first saw light, coming from out of Dandy. Sliper was mesmerized, and almost blinded. For the next six or so years, Sliper wandered around the mountains, and met new creatures. At the age of 16 Sliper began wandering southward, looking for a home. Finally, as he reached Devardec (age 18), he was interested in becoming a member of the Wizard's guild. Through his adventures he had picked up the item, so he handed it to Illuin. He was granted entrance and membership to the Wizard's guild. He was happy to be there, but hid his past. When he turned 19, he became strong in Fate. Fate had been verra kind to him, and he wanted to join the Lady Kyria's Temple. And he did. His temple was having a Temple Hunt to the Dark elf Temple, and Sliper volunteered to lead (knowing the temple very well, of course). They traveled through destroying the Hydras and Huge Giants and other creatures, they reached the Lair of Takara. It was then that Takara remembered she had a son, and that Sliper told everyone he was the son of Takara. Takara had no affection at all for Sliper, and in fact tried to kill and his friends. However Takara lost, probably later resurrected by Dark Elf Shamans.

If Takara is my mother, than who would my father be?
That Question will remain in Sliper's head for the rest of his life.

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