Born on the snowy day 15 of the first growth, in the year 123, Terriswizard was abandoned as a child. He spent most of his childhood years just wandering the lands and trying to be noticed by people, which he failed in, and spend most of the beginning of his life unnoticed.
At a point a week or so after his 18th birthday, he decided to give up being noticed, at least for a bit, and make a name for himself.
He started by offering a treasure to the king of his city, and soon after, joining the adventures guild of that city.
At least, he thought, the king knows who I am. But he cant do much about it. I want others to know about me.
At this point in his life, he decided to join a permenant guild. After a few weeks of searching, he decided on the Wizards guild in his hometown. He went out on a search for the item that would allow him entrance, and, due to his years previous exploring the lands, it didnt take him long to find what he was after. He brought it to the door of the guild and handed it to the man at the door, who then allowed him to pass.
After that, for a bit, Terriswizard wandered around aimlessly, not sure exactly what to do with his life. It was about that time that he met Mystikdreamer. She took him in and cared for him like no one else had. She actually cared about him. After months of this, Terriswizard adventually took to calling her "mother", a term she fit very well. She decided to adopt him, finally giving Terriswizard a home and a family.
After that, life seemed to come a bit easier to him, exploring the lands more, and helping out many people.
At that point he decided to take more interest in his guild, noticing he was almost the 14th level and hadnt tithed yet. He started tithing as much as he could and giving his all to his guild, and after many years of trying, finally reached the 20th guildlevel. However, this was just weeks after the quest for the guildmount had been closed down. This however did not dissapoint Terriswizard and he kept tithing, even with no other goals and ever though he was only level 25.
It was at this point that many started leaving the lands due to a disease, and Terriswizards guild had 4 officers cut down durring this time. The guild decided to hold an election to replace the lost people, and Terriswizard, more interested in his guild than ever, decided to run for office.
After many weeks of waiting in anticipation, the results were announced, and, among a few others, Terriswizard was elected to office.
Since then, he has given as much as he could to his guild, his spirit again revived, along with his childhood dream of being known by many.
He is currently 35, engaged to be married (this'll make the 4th time), and recently lost his GL position in the guildvote, but is trying to live his life the best he can. Lets hope it turns out good.

~Terriswizard, Spiritually Devoted

PS. obviously these were just the highlites of my life, and can be blocky at times, with parts left out. This is only one of a few (i think <g>) stories of his past, and leaves a few things unmentioned or unexplained. But for now its all i have <g>

feel free to tell me what you think (Mail *nudge* *nudge* <g>).