Guides I've published:

Shadowgate 64: An actual book-printed guide

Note: The cost of the guide is only the cost they charge for printing it, I didn't add anything over it and am not making any profit off of it.
You can buy a copy there, or download a PDF of the guide for free.

Guides I've written:

Animal Crossing Events Guide (GCN)

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (GCN)

Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

Drakkhen (SNES)

Final Fantasy Legend 1 (GB)

Pool of Radiance (NES) - New Phlan map

Shadowgate (NES)

Shadowgate Classic (GBC)

Shadowgate 64 - Text Only (N64)
Shadowgate 64 - With some Images (N64) (Probably the best version)
Shadowgate 64 - With many Images (N64) (Book format)

Wario Land (VB)